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Darlene McElroy creates web sites for artists


Artists Web Sites

Working with artists is fun, providing the opportunity to create sites that are very unusual.

Karen Mortillaro, sculptor - design/development
Rosemary Barile
, encaustic abstract painter - design/development
Ron Pokrasso, printmaker, artist & educator - design/development/client maintains
Patricia Pearce, artist, printmaker & educator - Wordpress site/design/development
Kevin Sloan, contemporary magic realism artist - design/development
Stephanie Yiannias, contemporary printmaker & artist - design/development
Mary L. Parkes, a New Mexico still life painter - design/development
Linda Petersen, a New Mexico landscape artist - design/development
One Heart Dancing, experimental bead artist site - flash - design/development
Darlene Olivia McElroy, mixed media artist (me) - design/development
Shutter & Brush, husband/wife artists - design/development/client maintains
Dominique Mazeaud, "heartist" & performance artist - design/development
Ron Elstad, contemporary oil painter - design/development
Aviva Rahmani, ecological artist - design/development
Terrence Fehr, watercolor & monoprint artist - design/development
Kathleen McCloud, mixed media artist - design/development
Francesca Zorzi, contemporary figurative fresco artist - design/development
Maranka Design, contemporary gourd artist - design/development
Abigail Hansen, young printmaker - design/development
Aleta Pippin, contemporary abstract painter - design/development

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